Falcon Yacht Club, 70s and 80s

It was not always all play and no work. In 1970, Commodore Paul Kettner donated a steel building which the members assembled on a concrete pad by the shore. It became our first Clubhouse and, ten years later, under Commodore Laurie Prokopanko, all members again pulled resources and elbow grease to build our spacious Clubhouse with a magnificent panoramic view of the lake. Every year, the membership works hard to maintain its assets and expand its facilities.

We also entertain a lot and became known in the Province for our great hospitality. It started in 1970 with our first yearly Spring Regatta, the largest and earliest in the year province-wide gathering of avid sailors on the cool waters of the second weekend in June. In the late 80’s, we added a similar Fall Regatta well into September. Many of the members would also travel to reciprocal regattas to hone their skills and a few of them even went on to tackle the national racing circuit.
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The most unique exchange of skills and goodwill occurred throughout the 80’s when Dr. Dave McQueen, of the Northern Yacht Club, invited certain dinghy sailors to race big keelboats on Lake of the Woods to show the racing-shy owners what they were missing. It goes without saying that the same owners would be invited back to dinghy clubs, notably at Falcon, for a taste of “wet-sailing”. These Invitational regattas were held, once in the Spring, and once in the Fall, for nearly ten years until the owners had gained the confidence and know-how to drive their pricey boats in close proximity of each other.

The late 70’s saw the invasion of the catamarans, faster yet than the scows and by the mid 80’s, these same ‘cats’ were themselves eclipsed by the youth-oriented and swift windsurfers. All this craving for speed however, could only be fed with strong winds. ‘Light air’ days were reserved for other weekend activities or for the confines of the much more comfortable keelboat on which one could either party, or nap immediately after crossing the finish line.

Who are we?
Falcon Yacht Club is a sailing club centered around summer weekend dingy racing and a weekday sailing school for children and adults.
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Club telephone (lake): 204-293-7317
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Where are we?
Falcon Yacht Club is located on the north side of Falcon Lake at Faloma, about 8 km east of the park entrance.